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I reblog anything that inspires me (Lolita, general J-fashion, cat gifs and...more cat gifs).
Occasional outfit posts. I wear many styles- mostly classic and gothic Lolita, but I dabble in everything
Thank you for looking! :D

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Houses of the Holy

Holy shit

Today in Costume and Decor we were learning about the differences between Baroque decoration and Rococo decoration and this just really fucked me up. 

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Textile art by Mister Finch

Self-taught artist Mr. Finch creates animals and other objects that seem to stem from Alice’s Wonderland. Inspired by the rolling hills and mossy woods near his home in Yorkshire, Finch forms flowers, insects and birds that fascinate him with their amazing life cycles and extraordinary nests and behaviour.

He then goes hunting for vintage textiles – velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress or a vintage apron – and transforms them into all sorts of beasts and toadstools. According to Mr. Finch, his figures are “storytelling creatures for people who are also a little lost, found and forgotten”.

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figures are literally so useless like what am i supposed to do with them when i get old??? pass them down to my children as family heirlooms????

year 3000
"daddy, whats this?"
"ah, its our precious family heirloom. its been passed down for years. its sasuke uchiha."





Angelic Pretty Sakura con Fashion Show 2014

More at:

ooh yay so happy to see some photos from it!!

my smile looks awkward, but at least I pulled off my end-of-runway pose haha.

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i will never get tired of this

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Alligator girl by Loputyn


Alligator girl by Loputyn

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture 2007 | Details